Author, Publisher & Podcaster PR

Our PR team seeks media placement for authors and podcasters. We work with individual authors as well as publishers with multiple authors.

Podcast Advertising

We help businesses promote their brands through targeted placement of their products and services on podcasts.

Influencer Campaigns & Social Media

We maintain our own influencer networks across several genres and provide content creation and SEO management for authors and podcasters.

Our Team

Scott Rowan

A former editor and reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times and other daily newspapers, Scott Rowan has worked on more than 1,500 publicity campaigns for books in all genres. With more than 25 years of media experience working in 9 languages around the world, Scott has negotiated media placements for everyone from first-time authors to international celebrities. 

Aditi Harsh

Aditi Harsh has 8 years of experience working for some of the top companies in the entertainment and media space, including Netflix and Sony Pictures. Aditi, who holds an MBA from The University of Tennessee, currently resides in Knoxville, TN with her fiancée, Jake, and their two dogs, Jax and Noomi. 

Roy Billington

Co-Founder Roy Billington, a native of Ireland currently based in England, has managed PR for an international sports promotion and placed clients with multiple media outlets, including ESPN and FOX. Roy holds an undergraduate degree in Media & Communications, a masters degree in International Relations, and has vast experience in content marketing, SEO and brand building.

Gordon McClellan

Co-Founder Gordon McClellan manages Red Clover and its sister brands, DartFrog Books and Podmamy, the three separate but fully synergistic pillars of McClellan Media. The common theme throughout all is the commitment to finding impactful stories and sharing them with the world. Gordon is a graduate of Deerfield Academy, Haverford College and Yale Divinity School.

Some Media Brands Our Team Has Worked With