About Us

Red Clover Digital is a boutique PR and influencer agency that specializes in representing authors and publishers. We have our own network of 250+ book influencers (bookstagrammers and bloggers), and are currently expanding the network to include Book Tokkers. On the podcast side, we research and engage podcasters whose shows would be a good fit for placing our clients as guests.

For traditional media campaigns (TV, Radio, Print) we have a partner network of experienced PR firms, one of which has offices in Australia, Canada, United States (New York, Los Angeles), and the other is based solely in London. These partners manage the traditional PR campaigns for our clients. We do this because we have learned that what matters most in traditional PR is contacts, and the partners we work with have many more contacts than we do! This provides our clients with a much better chance for success than if we were to try to build the contacts from scratch.  

We also pride ourselves in offering fair prices. The PR world can get extremely expensive, effectively locking out those with limited budgets. We try to make PR affordable to as many as possible, as do the partners we work with. But don’t confuse price with quality. What you pay for a PR campaign has no bearing on who will pick the story up. What matters are the contacts your PR agency has. If we feel like you are someone we could have success in publicizing, whether through our own influencer network, on podcasts, or through our traditional PR partners, we will do so at the most affordable price we can. If we don’t think there is a good chance for success, we will tell you that too.